When I came in for PT I had severe trouble lifting my right arm over my head. I could not throw a baseball and play catch with my grandson. After just a handful of visits my arm movement increased significantly. Now I have complete use of my arm and I can again play catch with my grandson without any issues. PT Solutions is excellent. Keep doing what you are doing because it works!
Frank Ward
I felt challenged with appropriate goals and always supported in my efforts. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. I’ve been able to return to gardening and can confidently walk 3 miles.
My PT experience was much better and more productive than past PT experiences [at other clinics].
Verna M.
Having had about a year of very effective PT with Dr. Terkelsen, when more therapy became necessary post hand surgery there was no doubt that I would return to PT Solutions. I’ve seen much improvement in my hands, more than I could have accomplished on my own. Aside from the quality of the therapy, the family atmosphere at PT Solutions enhances the experience and outcome.
R. Mahoney
Atmosphere was extremely positive - staff all supportive and seem happy to be here everyday.. That made it a pleasure to come here and impacted my own attitude. Appreciated that so much. Love the Fab 6! Empowers patients and works! (cool!)
Lisa Nagel
My experience at Physical Therapy Solutions has been extremely positive. Empathy, professionalism and attention to details has made my rehab experience that resulted in full range of motion and lack of pain in a short time.
Mike S.
First of all ther PT’s as well as the Staff are knowledgeable and helpful. Each PT is very unique and the WHOLE approach to exercising the body is, and will be very beneficial to me as I age. I did experience relief. I am back to exercising my arms with minimal pain. I have had many courses of PT in past years. I find PT Solution’s approach to the exercises very beneficial. I felt better after every session. The Total Motion Approach is a miracle.
Wendy Goff
My experience here was exceptional. I have never made as much progress as I have made here. Great staff. Lisa was very dedicated to helping me make progress. I would definitely recommend Physical Therapy Solutions. In prior experience elsewhere I never seemed to have any improvements.
Pamela Kadmiri.
This was my second time at PT Solutions for a new diagnosis. I had much pain down my right leg from my buttocks to my ankle from sciatica. I went on prenisone with no relief. I felt better after 1 visit and got steadily better over the next month. I could not be upright on my feet for more than 1 minute without great discomfort. Now, I am pain-free. This was by far the fastest and most effective PT treatment I have ever had.
Stephen W.
I came here presenting with left arm numbness and left sided neck pain. Most likely triggered by my job as a glass artist performing repetitive movements. The exercises completely resolved all my symptoms and gave me the tools to handle any future issues concerning these symptoms. Jennifer is friendly, smart and a joy to know!
Michelle Petze
After bunion and hammertoe surgery I needed help with using my left foot. It felt stiff and puffy at the beginning and still is somewhat sensitive but much better. I can wear regular shoes now whereas before I could only wear shoes with a wide toe box. Before starting PT I couldn’t stand on my feet or walk very long but now my endurance is much better. Sandy L.
July 6th, 2016
Was vacationing on Cape Cod last week and out of nowhere, had really severe pain in my tailbone. I had played golf the day before but didn’t feel any discomfort while playing, didn’t have a fall, and no pulled muscles. The pain was so bad I couldn’t sit down, and there really wasn’t any position that gave relief. After heading to a doctor and getting x-rays (which were all normal) and a bunch of pain medicine, I was referred to Kristin by a family friend. She took me through a bunch of exercises and almost immediately I felt improvement. The next morning I was at 90% strength. Honestly couldn’t believe I could go from extreme pain to almost normal with 45 minutes of stretching, but I’m so glad I went. Kristin was fantastic, and I salvaged the few days of vacation I had left. Thank you! Jared D
I had a total hip replacement. I came in 2 weeks later and my leg was 70% weaker and my range of motion was very limited and caused pain. I was unable to do one-legged sit to stands or one-legged total gym on my bad leg. It was hard to get in and out of the car and hard to put on shoes and socks. I could not trim my toe nails. I can now do all of these activities without pain. My range of motion is pretty much equal on both sides. Also Lisa worked on my scar tissue and it is almost back to normal. While the exercises are challenging the positive, upbeat atmosphere makes the time go fast. Stephen W.
I had a wonderful experience during my time in PT. Lisa was very helpful and patient. Before I started PT I wasn’t able to squat or stand for more than a couple of minutes. Now I can stand and walk around. I am also able to lie on my operative side without any issues. Before coming to PT when I did even my ankle hurt, now it doesn’t. I will be returning very soon to start working on the other side after my next surgery. Natania T.
My left knee has arthritis and playing sports left me in pain and with swelling. Through my experience here, I’ve developed strong right knee exercises that make my left knee more flexible, with less pain and little swelling. Who knew? This was a different philosophy that at first I questioned, however, I feel it is most effective. Tom G.
This is my second time having PT with Kristin, Lisa, Jennifer and Deborah. I came back because I was happy with my results the first time. I would come back for a 3rd time. The staff is beyond great! Paul A.
I was experiencing pain and stiffness in the lower back and right hip. Through guided stretching and an exercise routine, the tissues and muscles responded well over time, and I am now very comfortable doing all activities.
A positive environment and support from the therapists make the difference! Pam P.
As a returning patient, Lisa has restored my ability to move freely about the country! Often spending long periods at my desk or driving throughout the state, these simple tasks drove me to seek out medial treatment to include a cortisone shot into my spine. Lisa taught me how to utilize TMR to my benefit and I’m thrilled to say that I’m able to readjust my own aches and pains. Pam C
I can recommend them highly. When I first went there, I did not dare believe my painful knees would ever be comfortable again. I was happily proven wrong! I know other people who have high praise for them. The staff is very knowledgeable, encouraging, and friendly. They do not give up on you. I was not the easiest patient, but they all helped me accomplish my goal. I am grateful and recommend Physical Therapy Solutions to everyone. If needed, I would go back because I trust them to figure out the right solution and walk me through it!
- Rena A. 2/16
I have been going to Physical Therapy Solutions, in Centerville, twice a week, and am quite pleased with my progress. I have gained strength and flexibility and am challenged by the work. I feel the therapy is personalized and the at home instructions are clear, which in turn means I do it! With the results of each workout I feel more like myself, and that, as we know is priceless.ch in turn means I do it!
- S.W. 2/16