Want to explore the mind body connection using PSYCH-K®?

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After years of seeing how patient’s lives and experiences can be expressed through their bodies, Kristin Terkelsen, DPT, had the “sense” that sometimes she was the wrong kind of therapist! Inherently after listening to the story of the patient and their condition or diagnosis, Kristin could connect the mind’s story to their body’s story. But at times she felt powerless to translate that intuition into effective physical changes through her PT interventions.

Kristin decided to join Lissa Rankin, MD at the Whole Health Medicine Institute to learn more about the mind-body connection. From this experience, she discovered Bruce Lipton’s connection to PSYCH-K®. It was then that the feeling of powerlessness she felt with certain patients dissolved. This exploration of the mind-body-spirit connection expanded Kristin’s intuition that a patient’s story was linked to their beliefs, thoughts and perceptions and ultimately to their health and well being.

Kristin offers PSYCH-K® to best help her patients heal themselves through facilitating patients in changing their beliefs, thoughts and perceptions that impact their health and well being.

If you are ready to replace negative, self defeating beliefs and thoughts with new self enhancing beliefs and thoughts, please reach out to Kristin. Together you will explore how PSYCH-K® can help your health and well being. If you are not in a health crisis or do not have a “condition” currently, but you want to have the most magnificent life you dream of, Kristin can also facilitate you in creating those changes as well!

Your life is calling you to make the changes that you have been struggling to realize and PSYCH-K® is simple, effective and powerful in aligning yourself with your desires in order to manifest all that you dream for, and no dream is too big!

Call Kristin or email her to schedule your Belief Change session today! Phone 508-775-9200 or info@ptsolutionscc.com.