Deborah Benker, Patient and Billing Services

Deborah joined the Physical Therapy Solutions team in November of 2010. For more than twenty years, she has been involved in physical movement and related businesses through her dance career and the fitness industry. Deborah worked as a certified instructor at the Woman's Body Shop/Woman's Workout Company, where she taught classes and helped run the day-to-day operations. She also has extensive experience working in various aspects of the performing arts field, including work as an arts administrator, ballet teacher and performer, choreographer, director and dance school owner. It is therefore no surprise that Deborah is a part of Physical Therapy Solutions.

Deborah combines both her practical business experience along with her unique customer service skills in an environment that focuses on restoring a patient's function. She has firsthand experience as a physical therapy patient, as well as knowledge about billing that comes from being a patient. It is no surprise that Deborah is perfectly suited to both identify with and assist patients with all aspects of their care, and this only enhances her effectiveness attending to the business and patients’ needs at Physical Therapy Solutions.

When not taking your information and helping you schedule, Deborah enjoys working in her yard and on her home. She takes pride in her home and it shows!

David Stepanis, Business Manager

A veritable Jack-of-all-trades, David brings over twenty years of diverse work experience to his role as Business Manager of Physical Therapy Solutions. He combines a charm and affability that immediately puts patients at ease, along with intricate knowledge of business procedures necessary to communicate effectively with insurance companies. David takes the time and effort that is needed for medical billing; from verifying your insurance, all the way to making sure the insurance company has paid in a timely manner. He enjoys getting to know the patients as they wait for their appointments, as well as when they are "icing" at the conclusion of the session. And he always takes a moment to talk with family members that might be accompanying loved ones to their PT treatments. The end result makes everyone happy.

In his free time away from the clinic, David enjoys walking his dog Tio on the beach 3 miles every day, fishing, kayaking, driving antique cars and being out on the boat with his partner, Kristin.