Dr. Kristin Terkelsen, DPT, MSPT, BSc

When Physical Therapy Solutions opened its doors in 2009, Clinic Director Kristin Terkelsen, DPT realized a well-deserved goal of owning a physical therapy clinic in her hometown. 

A lifelong Centerville resident, Kristin became interested in human physiology at a young age and ironically, her first true introduction to physical therapy was the result of an injury. If it is possible to catch the "physical therapy bug," Kristin did. She worked in her college training room as a student athletic trainer, and then she decided to transfer (and in the process go very far away) to a highly regarded sports medicine program at the University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Kristin graduated at the top of her class with a BS in Sports Medicine in 1996 and then returned to more familiar territory in receiving both her Master of Science in Physical Therapy and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA.

Kristin not only brings years of practical experience and expertise to her clinic, she also brings "heart." Ask any patient to describe their treatment and you will always hear a combination of "professional, intelligent, and dedicated" mixed with "compassionate, caring," and "a truly good person." Kristin specializes in both traditional and current physical therapy treatment practices. Her highly individualized approach ensures the best possible outcome for every patient.

She enjoys free time with her partner, David, who has helped her grow this "home" to many area residents, They love to be with Tio, their mixed breed Chihuahua (who loves to swim and kayak and play frisbee), walk the beach in Hyannis Port, go out on the boat, and ride in antique cars in search of a good cup of coffee.

Jennifer Andrews, MSPT

Jennifer Andrews, MSPT, joined Physical Therapy Solutions in August 2011 and loves working with such a caring group of clinicians and support staff. What she enjoys most about her profession is meeting people from all walks of life and helping to make a positive difference in their lives.

Her start in physical therapy was by way of her undergrad education and her work as a copy editor for The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery after graduating from Hamilton College. A series of events, combined with her exposure to “bones and joints” led her to realize that physical therapy was her true calling. She returned to PT school and completed her Master's Degree in Physical Therapy at Simmons College in 2002.

Jen grew up in Hopkington, MA, and moved to Cape Cod in 2001, when she fell in love and couldn’t get out. She and her husband, Scott live in Centerville with their son, Dylan. When she is not at work or hanging with “her boys,” Jen enjoys acting in local theatre and singing at church, walking and working in her yard.

Dr. Lisa Smith, DPT, MSPT

Lisa is a welcome addition to the staff of Physical Therapy Solutions. Lisa mentored Kristin as a student in 2001 at Physiotherapy Associates and this led to working together for many years there. As a result, Kristin was eager to bring Lisa on board at Physical Therapy Solutions. Lisa brings a vast knowledge of manual techniques, exercise and movement that gives each patient a new appreciation for their bodies. She uses her skills and teaching combined to move patients towards their goals. Lisa has been a patient of physical therapy herself. This is evident in the way she helps patients, as she understands getting to the end point of wellness is a lot of work. She is there to guide each patient and draw upon her experience to help each individual. 

When she is not helping her patients, she can be found in the garden, cooking and/or baking (she loves to share with others, just ask!), biking, participating in yoga, and walking her dog, Bentley, on the beach.

Suzanne Ronhave, Physical Therapist Assistant, PTA

Comment vous sentez-vous aujourd'hui?

It would not be too unusual to hear Suzanne utter this French equivalent to "How are your feeling today," given that in addition to her skills as a Physical Therapist Assistant, she was also a French teacher to 6th-8th graders at Bourne Middle School. Suzanne had been working with Kristin Terkelsen in 2002 during their summers together at Physiotherapy Associates. She is excited to have followed Kristin to Physical Therapy Solutions. In addition to her vast teaching experience, Suzanne brings 20+ years of experience working with patients in a clinic setting. Suzanne has a unique quality in that she can talk to anyone. Her outgoing nature makes her perfect for her job as a Physical Therapist Assistant and especially with her role in helping patients during their treatments. She is invaluable as she easily acclimates herself to working with any patient and any PT. Suzanne gets excited each time she sees progress and patients know that she loves seeing them get better. Her enthusiasm for improvements through physical therapy is boundless.

Suzanne received an Associates degree from Cape Cod Community College and went on to receive a teaching degree. Suzanne lives in Marstons Mills. In her free time, she can be found working in her home or yard. She is also busy with her three grown kids and 4 grand children whom she loves to spend time with. Suzanne sets the example for her patients by working out at the gym, yoga, riding her bike, and talking with people and doing almost anything anywhere that is active. She is a person who is not found “resting” very often!